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Posted: Feb 10, 2016
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2016-02-07 13.21.45This last weekend was a special treat to be part of a Call to Artists by Barbara Tejeda of Grove House Artists in Miami Florida. The weather was brisk and the day fairly clear. This was a first time for me with this group and was missing my usual posse from Chiaroscuro Studio of Art. The Call to Artists was a Saturday and Sunday event but I was only able to make it on Sunday and it was a 3 hour window to finish. 2016-02-07 13.03.43 After arriving at this new location for me I was greeted by Barbara Tejeda from Grove House artist and other members of the group. 2016-02-07 13.03.07 2016-02-07 13.00.25 I was blown away by the many options I had for a painting composition. 2016-02-07 13.21.452016-02-07 13.22.00 Although it was a long drive for me, I knew days with this cool and perfect weather were not common in South Florida. Furthermore an opportunity to meet more creatives were worth the effort.  After texting these photos to my Chiaroscuro posse to rub in what they were missing one of them responded with "You're a trooper man!! Your dedication is inspiring". My response: Best way to get better is to show up. 2016-02-07 13.00.29 As mentioned previously we only had a three hour window to work on Sunday before we needed to take brushes off the canvas and bring our pieces for judging at 1PM. After looking around the grounds and 30 mins. into the allotted time window, I finally found a spot that called my attention that had a type of Alice in Wonderland feel to it. The bright castle like structure of the Deering Estate at the edge of the woods.  I quickly setup and went to work, with Dunkin Donuts coffee I might add to get the motor warmed up. 2016-02-07 11.02.55-1 Before I knew it time was up and final brush strokes were being slashed on the canvas like a wild abstract artist, uggh the nightmare of that thought! Just kidding...Artists started bringing in their pieces and all styles and subject matters were represented. There were many beautiful pieces and I knew the Judges had their work cut out for them. 2016-02-07 13.03.43-1 Although my finished piece was not finished to my standards I was pleased with the effort in the two and half hour window I had. 2016-02-07 14.12.36 All in all it was a great day of painting, making new acquaintances for future collaboration on art related efforts and visiting a new prospect place for future paintings. Till next adventure, thanks for sharing in my artistic outing.  To keep up to date with blog postings, special events, sneak peek at what's going on in my studio sign up for my monthly newsletter. I will make an attempt to finish the piece in my studio and post it on my Lanscape paintings page.    
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