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Refuge, the making of...

Refuge Oil painting on canvas 60 inches x 48 inches
During our journey through life we find that there are external forces that are working against us or trying to keep us as slaves to them. Those forces can beat a soul to the ground to the point they want to give up. The forces depicted in Refuge are symbolic and can be replaced with anything you feel as a burden or weight on your shoulders. Let me walk you through my experience and thought process for creating this painting.  

This painting came about as a reflection of myself at a certain time in my life where I felt I was burnt out and had too many burdens on my shoulders.  Refuge is a testament of my reaction to those forces which is to seek refuge in a greater power being God. In my own personal experience I have always found that even though I walked in very dark places I wasn't alone. And so each time I have found myself without answers I have always fallen to my knees and asked God for guidance. Afterwards I've felt the strength to get back up to keep marching as there is a purpose to be filled through me. Perhaps you're reading this and can relate, you may be at that point where your forces have you bound and this painting gives you a calmness and hope you've been seeking, purpose served.  



The concept began with a man broken down and forces weighing him down, some intentionally wanting to hurt him, others were loved ones, not intentionally or directly bringing the affliction upon him but by merely presence in his life. 

After analyzing the composition and realizing it was a bit too crowded I simplified it to represent three forces , starting from the left, the force of work obligations and a demanding job, we can all relate to that. Next in the middle is social skeletons we hold. Perhaps they could be past friends that have hurt us or current social obligations that truly go against our core but yet we choose to have them in our social circles.  Last on the right is the force of hurtful relationships, could be present or x-spouses etc. 

Santiago Perez artist preparing a cartoon for the painting Refuge 





In summary the reason I create art is to convey a message or to get out of my system through my gift of art the struggles that I have gone through and the positive out come I've had with God's help in the hope that it will touch someone's life and that may be able to relate and have hope. 

Refuge Oil Painting on canvas 60 inches by 48 inches

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
60" x 48"



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