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Once Upon a Time...

  • Untangled 30" x 40" inch - Oil on Canvas 

  • Path 48″ x 60″ Oil on Canvas © Santiago Perez – All Rights Reserved
  • La Trinidad 2 (40″ x 30″ inch) Oil on Canvas © Santiago Perez – All Rights Reserved


Thank you for visiting the official website of visual artist Santiago Perez.  

"I am honored that you have an interest in my artwork and I hope you look around and read the details of each piece of art and learn a little about the creative process and the emotion I had at the time while creating it." - Santiago Evelio Perez


3 Considerations When Acquiring Art


What intimate connection is the art piece having with me internally either emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or all of the above?

When we look at a piece of art that stops us in our tracks there is an intimate connection whether we know it or not. It might be the harmony of colors that stirs an emotion in us, a story in that painting that connects with our own experience or a message that we align with. 


What value has someone put into this art piece with their time, their soul, the life experiences and how does that translate to my own appreciation?

When it comes to acquiring art there are many choices to pick from.  We appreciate and honor skill and soul poured into an artwork that aims to connect with more than just the sofa colors.


Will I be able to transfer this valuable piece to someone or some organization that I care about and what legacy do I leave behind by the type of art I acquired?

There's a saying that people's intellect is judged by the books they own in their library. It is safe to say then that their heart can be judged by the art they posses and gift. 

Whether it's your main home, vacation home or work space, make an impression with original art that awakens the soul and makes you contemplate on your purpose. Here we see painting Path, to do just that, allow us to contemplate the path we are on. 

Main Benefits for Acquiring Art

  • Very attainable original art. 
  • Varnished for a lifetime durability and beyond. 
  • Art Investment that increases in value with time for its originality. 
  • An soulful gift for ourselves or those we care about.


Santiago does accept a limited number of commission requests per year, ranging from traditional portraiture to custom pieces that are in line with his vision. All commissioned artwork needs to be scheduled in advance and requires a non-refundable deposit 50% of the agreed-upon final price.
Call us or reach out to us via our contact form and select "commission an artwork" from the Subject Category. For traditional portraits we make arrangements for a sitting where Santiago does initial sketch of the model(s) and has a photography session to take as a reference back the studio for working on the piece. If feasible there will be a couple more sittings with live painting of the model(s). This will ensure the skin tones and likeness are captured as realistic as possible as a photo cannot provide that. Santiago will engage the model(s) in conversation during the sitting to better get to know their background and he just likes to chit chat. All commissioned work requires a signed contract and a non refundable deposit of fifty percent before any work is started or appointments are scheduled.
Yes, we do everything possible to ensure all proper paperwork is filed with the appropriate authorities; however, we cannot guarantee the time frame for the clearing process with foreign customs.
Yes, absolutely, the artwork will be insured in case of a tragedy in shipping. Additionally, my team and I use extra packaging to ensure the artwork is preserved.
Under normal circumstances, after the purchase of the artwork and funds are cleared or proper financial arrangements have been made, we get busy planning packaging and transport. If the customer is within the region, we will make every feasible attempt to deliver ourselves directly and even hang the art piece if so desired at a nominal time and materials cost. If shipping is necessary, we will employ the safest mechanism. Depending on the size of the work, we may ship in a secured box, tube, or wooden crate. The packaging can take up to a week to acquire the materials necessary to ensure the art piece is transported in a secure manner and documents are filed with proper authorities if shipping overseas.
At the moment we do not finance directly but are looking at third party options that integrate with our portal such as PayPal Credit as well as more traditional means through a lending institution.
There are several options for evaluating how the art will coexist within the room or space. If possible, we can bring the artwork for an in-home or office consultation with the artwork present. Another option is to contractually secure a deposit into an escrow account for a trial period of time and a nonrefundable monthly lease payment. If you decide to keep the piece the monthly lease payments will be deducted from the agreed upon price of the artwork along with the deposit and the remaining balance will be due immediately.
Yes. I lease original artworks or a high-quality giclée print at a lower cost with a contractual agreement and a non-refundable deposit.
We also accept personal checks, cash and cashier’s checks from U.S. banks or electronic bank transfer. For domestic purchases, we can invoice you through PayPal for purchases under $500.
On very rare occasions I will hold a one-day workshop class as part of a charity event to raise funds for a cause.
Santiago is historically known for custom airbrush work on various surfaces from T-shirts to high-end custom motorcycles, cars, trucks, and boats. As of late Santiago mainly creates paintings in oil paint. He will on occasion, dabble in other art mediums such as mixed media including acrylics, watercolor and gouache. He is also continually sketching in his sketchbook in graphite and does create finished drawings in charcoal or graphite.
In some cases, the artwork is framed, and the price will be inclusive of the frame. In these cases, it will clearly state so in the gallery or locations where it is displayed.
Santiago is very understanding of circumstances and all the variables that go into feeling comfortable with an investment. We offer a 30 day money guarantee on all non commissioned work minus a 20% return fee. Request for the return and refund and must be made in writing via our contact page or via a written letter. Commissioned work is non refundable. Al works will be inspected upon arrival at the studio and after verifying no tampering or damage to the artwork and/or frame if included someone will reach out to find the best way to refund your money.



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