Santiago Perez Art Original Oil Paintings
Santiago Perez Art

Once Upon a Time...

  • Untangled 30" x 40" inch - Oil on Canvas 

  • Path 48″ x 60″ Oil on Canvas © Santiago Perez – All Rights Reserved
  • La Trinidad 2 (40″ x 30″ inch) Oil on Canvas © Santiago Perez – All Rights Reserved


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"I am honored that you have an interest in my artwork and I hope you look around and read the details of each piece of art and learn a little about the creative process and the emotion I had at the time while creating it." - Santiago Evelio Perez


3 Considerations When Acquiring Art


What intimate connection is the art piece having with me internally either emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or all of the above?

When we look at a piece of art that stops us in our tracks there is an intimate connection whether we know it or not. It might be the harmony of colors that stirs an emotion in us, a story in that painting that connects with our own experience or a message that we align with. 


What value has someone put into this art piece with their time, their soul, the life experiences and how does that translate to my own appreciation?

When it comes to acquiring art there are many choices to pick from.  We appreciate and honor skill and soul poured into an artwork that aims to connect with more than just the sofa colors.


Will I be able to transfer this valuable piece to someone or some organization that I care about and what legacy do I leave behind by the type of art I acquired?

There's a saying that people's intellect is judged by the books they own in their library. It is safe to say then that their heart can be judged by the art they posses and gift. 

Whether it's your main home, vacation home or work space, make an impression with original art that awakens the soul and makes you contemplate on your purpose. Here we see painting Path, to do just that, allow us to contemplate the path we are on. 

Main Benefits for Acquiring Art

  • Very attainable original art. 
  • Varnished for a lifetime durability and beyond. 
  • Art Investment that increases in value with time for its originality. 
  • An soulful gift for ourselves or those we care about.



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