Artist Santiago Perez Profile PictureSantiago Perez Is a representational visual artist depicting the beauty, drama, and tragedy of life using primarily narrative figurative art. As a true romantic with a keen eye for detail and emotion, Santiago strives to depict emotion, romanticism and realism in different mediums but primarily oil, as the masters​ of the 18th and 19th centuries did. Above all else his works aim to tell a story of inspiration and hope. 

The richness and translucency of colors achieved through multi-layered glazing techniques is what gives his works captivating and life like qualities. Santiago had learned these techniques in airbrush mediums since the age of 18 when he first started airbrushing murals on cars, motorcycles and corporate walls with a vast array of paint types. His airbrushed artworks have been featured in magazines, books, and countless websites and have won awards in national competitions.

At middle age, Santiago had a paradigm shift after coming back from visiting the Prado museum in Madrid. He realized God had given him a gift and the time given to us on earth should be one of meaning and leaving a voice long after we're gone. Since then Santiago has worked feverously towards bringing forth his message of hope as a reflection of his inner most desire to be influential with his art.


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